To our wonderful Blossom patients and their families, we hope you all have been healthy and safe. At this time, we are keeping our covid protocol in place. Masks will still be required while in the office; parents are always welcome to wait in their car if they prefer not to wear a mask. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to do all we can to keep you and your family safe and healthy!


Why Blossom?

We are the only combined orthodontic and pediatric dental specialists in town! Having both specialists in the same practice means more convenience for you and your family. We do our best to combine dental appointments with orthodontic appointments as well as combining sibling appointments.

Having both specialists in the same office also improves communication between your child’s dental health providers. If a consult is needed from either specialist, it can frequently be done while you are at the office, instead of having to make an additional appointment at a separate office.

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