Pediatric Dentistry

Infants Through Teens

Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of specialty training following dental school, and can be considered the pediatricians of the oral cavity. Pediatric dentists specialize in the treatment and prevention of dental disease, as well as the overall oral health of infants through teens. Our doctors all have advanced training in treatment and behavior management techniques for children with anxiety or unique behavioral needs, as well as children with special health care needs. We also work closely with parents and children to educate and identify potential causes of dental problems, with general oral health and the prevention of cavities being the goal!

Parents often ask, “But they’re just baby teeth! Why do we need to fix them if they are just going to fall out?”. Primary (baby) teeth, although they won’t last forever, serve several important functions. They act as guides for the eruption of permanent teeth, and hold the space necessary for permanent teeth to grow in correctly. Primary teeth are also necessary for proper chewing and eating, speech, and growth and development of the jaw. While the four front teeth fall out around age 6 or 7, the back teeth (molars) last until 10-13, when they are replaced by permanent teeth. Untreated cavities in primary teeth can spread quickly, causing pain and infection, and potential damage to permanent teeth.

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