7 Myths About Orthodontics

Posted on June 17, 2020 | Orthodontics

7 Myths About Orthodontics

While our team tries to make your orthodontic health as simple as possible, we also know that there are misconceptions about orthodontic treatment that make it difficult to understand how to move forward or who to trust. Your smile matters, and that’s why we’re shedding light on seven common myths about orthodontics.

  1. Orthodontists are outrageously expensive. Not necessarily. The cost of your orthodontic treatment is based on the complexity of your case. A simple case may only require a treatment plan lasting a few months whereas more difficult ones may take a few years, which is why it’s beneficial to choose an expert when researching your orthodontic options. Many orthodontists also offer free consultations and payment plans that fit the financial needs of your family.
  2. Orthodontic treatment is purely cosmetic. There’s nothing wrong with a winning smile, but orthodontists play a larger role than mere cosmetic care. Orthodontists work to align your teeth and jaws, resulting in better function in terms of biting, chewing, and speaking. We want you to be proud of your smile, but we want to set you up for long lasting oral health too.
  3. Orthodontist treatment takes many years. Expert orthodontic treatment necessitates intentional and careful movements of the teeth to guarantee they move into the proper positions. Properly trained orthodontists have the skills, experience, and expertise to determine the severity of your case, which will dictate the length of your treatment. You don’t want to rush the process, sometimes slower is safer and better! Some patients undergo treatment for a few months while others require a longer treatment plan. The complexity of each case is why it’s pivotal to find an orthodontist who is committed to taking your health seriously.
  4. Office visits are not necessary to get straight teeth. Because your orthodontic health is so much more than cosmetics, it’s important to have a qualified orthodontist monitor your progress throughout the duration of your treatment to make sure your treatment plan stays on track.
  5. Anyone who offers braces or aligners is an orthodontist. This is not true. While some online companies and general dentists may offer orthodontic services, only an orthodontist who has received the additional years of training at an accredited residency is skilled enough to provide the treatment you need. Taking shortcuts to oral health can cause permanent damage to your face and smile, and that’s not worth the risk!
  6. Orthodontists only offer metal braces. Orthodontists have a variety of tools at their fingertips to give you the best care possible. While metal braces are in their tool box, your orthodontist also has access to other appliances, which can be fixed or removable. A qualified orthodontist has the skills to choose the right tool that will achieve the best result for your case.
  7. Orthodontic treatment is only for children. Orthodontic treatment is available for all patients no matter their age or season of life. It’s never too late to get that healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

If you have questions about orthodontic treatment and how Blossom can serve your family, contact our office today. We would love to help you make the right choice for the ones you love most. Remember orthodontic screenings are complimentary.

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