Tips for sending your kid back to school…with braces

Posted on September 8, 2021 | Orthodontics

Tips for sending your kid back to school…with braces

As much as we don’t want to believe it, it’s back to school time already! You may have already done the supply and shoe shopping. As hard as it is to see the summer end, going back to school is an exciting time for most kids! What tips should you keep in mind for your kiddo who got braces over the summer? There might be some apprehension heading back to school with a new look.

Maybe your child is nervous for his friends seeing him for the first time with the new hardware. Or perhaps there’s some anxiety about the extra time and care that braces take. We want to set your student up for success by making sure the school year with braces is a breeze!

Tip one: eat healthy

To avoid the embarrassment of having food get stuck in braces, and also making sure the braces stay intact, make sure to send your kiddo to school with a healthy lunch. Of course, you already know the list of foods to avoid: anything sticky, sugary, or excessively crunchy. Instead, pack a lunch with things like a fruit cup, veggies and hummus, and some protein. On days following adjustments, pack some soup in a thermos or even some yogurt or pudding.

Remind your kid why it’s best to stick to these foods, and what the consequences might be if he eats something on the list of foods to avoid.

Tip two: drink water

Our kids are probably sick of hearing us suggest this for just about everything that ails them, but there are endless benefits to drinking water. We suggest sending water in your kid’s lunch rather than a juice box or gatorade, which are filled with sugar. After your kid finishes lunch, we suggest that he rinses his mouth out with water. This can be helpful to remove debris that might be stuck inside the braces. Just tell your kid to take a quick bathroom break when he has the opportunity, and check his braces for any food that may have gotten stuck in the brackets.

Tip three: pack an emergency kit

Make sure your kiddo has a small emergency kit in his backpack, just in case there are minor issues throughout the day. In the kit, make sure there are some picks, just in case there are some stubborn foods stuck in the braces. Make sure there is some orthodontic wax, in case there is a pesky wire rubbing against his cheek. Floss threaders are also helpful, and even a small travel toothbrush.

Having this kit on hand hopefully avoids calls home. Most classroom teachers are gracious to their students when these issues arise. Knowing that he has the necessary supplies with him can help alleviate some of the stress.

Final tip: wear a mouthguard

Does your kiddo play sports? A mouthguard is an essential if he plays sports and has braces. Wearing one will help prevent serious injuries as well as minor issues. If you need another convincing point: mouthguards help protect your investment.

Going back to school with a new set of braces really doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips, and after some time, your kiddo will get the hang of this whole braces thing.

At first, you might find it helpful to check in with him after a day at school. Ask him if he ran into any issues. This can help you determine if he’s getting used to the routine. It won’t be long until he realizes that many of his peers are in the same exact situation, and that can be one of the most helpful pieces.





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