Five-step battle plan to make baby teeth brushing a breeze

Posted on August 19, 2020 | Hot Topics

Five-step battle plan to make baby teeth brushing a breeze

Have you ever felt like a pro wrestler trying to wrangle your child during their nightly teeth brushing routine?

Maintaining good oral hygiene for your baby can feel like a battle. By the time teething pains begin to ease, our kiddos have a mouth full of teeth to keep clean and a general disdain for the toothbrush. Here are five easy ways to make your child’s brushing routine a breeze:

  1. Choose the right tool. The right tool all depends on how developed your child’s teeth are. When teeth first come in you can use a gauze pad, wet washcloth, or a finger brush to clean the gums and baby teeth. Once the teeth have fully grown, we recommend a soft, small head toothbrush. Having the proper weapon for battle is key to achieving victory in the fight for a clean, happy baby smile.
  2. Positive reinforcement is a game-changer. Make sure to praise and shower your child with affection all along the way. And, (though it can be difficult) try not let your frustration come through if tooth-brushing takes longer than you would like. The goal is to make this a lifelong habit for your kiddo, which often starts with a positive tooth-brushing experience.
  3. Show them how it’s done. Your kids want to be just like mommy and daddy, which you can use to your advantage when it comes to oral hygiene. Take turns with your child using the toothbrush and he or she may be encouraged to brush. Don’t underestimate your influence; even if this doesn’t seem like the kind of behavior your child would want to imitate, you may be pleasantly surprised!
  4. Let them explore for themselves. With appropriate supervision, give your child a little space and allow their curiosity to kick in. 
  5. Make it fun. Your child’s tooth-brushing routine may be made more enjoyable by appealing to his or her preferences. Try allowing your child to pick out a toothbrush, or find a brush with his or her favorite character or animal. Try singing a song while brushing to put your kiddo at ease, or create an adventure in which your child’s toothbrush hero seeks to vanquish the yucky mouth bacteria. Enlist help from an older sibling or partner to help distract your child while brushing; reading a book or playing with a stuffed animal can serve as excellent entertainment. Bottom line: get creative and have fun with it yourself!

Remember, kindness and consistency is key! Your child needs to know that brushing their teeth is just a normal part of the daily routine to keep their body healthy, like washing their hands, or eating healthy foods. And, of course, brushing your baby’s teeth is important to prevent decayed enamel, cavities, and even tooth loss, which can impact the health of secondary teeth. Many parents are worried that they will create negative feelings about toothbrushing if they insist that their crying child brushes, but with kindness and consistency, your child will likely catch on and become more enthusiastic!

We know this can be a challenge for both you and your baby, but the struggle is worth the lasting habit that can be formed.

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