Pack these 5 foods in your kiddo’s lunch

Posted on October 20, 2021 | Hot Topics

Pack these 5 foods in your kiddo’s lunch

With school underway, it’s back into the routine of packing lunches for the kiddos. This can quickly become the most dreaded task for any parent. Not to mention the disappointment you feel when you find leftover or untouched food in your little one’s lunch box after school! We know you care about your child’s gut and tooth health. Here are five suggestions for tummy and tooth friendly foods.

1. Probiotic Yogurt

It’s a toss up on whether your little one likes yogurt, but probiotic yogurt is an absolute must-have for mouth & gut health. Yogurt contains calcium, which helps build strong tooth enamel, and casein, a protein that helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and causing plaque buildup. Probiotic yogurt is also packed with healthy enzymes that improve digestion, and probiotics that help remove bad gut bacteria that can lead to inflammation and cramping. As always, be sure to check the label for hidden sugars!

2. Kale

We know, kale is not going to win the popularity contest with kids, but kale, and other vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, are all fantastic for our teeth and promoting stomach health. Kale is high in water and fiber, which promotes healthy digestion. Plus, fiber naturally cleans teeth of food debris, thereby helping to prevent plaque buildup. Kale also contains glucosinolates, which helps fight inflammation and aids in regular food digestion.

3. Mangos

Mangos help keep healthy gut bacteria alive, which promotes regular and healthy digestion. They are also packed with vitamin C, which aids the development and maintenance of healthy gums. It’s important that you buy fresh, whole mangos, and not pre-packaged or dried ones that may contain extra sugar.

4. Dark Chocolate

Hey, healthy food can also be delicious, too! Dark chocolate has some amazing benefits for teeth. It contains flavonoids, which help eliminate bad oral bacteria that fuels cavities and tooth decay. Dark chocolate helps gut health by feeding healthy gut bacteria responsible for breaking down and digesting food. 

5. Almond Butter

Regularly eating whole, raw almonds can be tough on teeth, but almond butter can be amazing for teeth and digestive health. Almond butter is packed with calcium, which, you know, helps build strong teeth, healthy gums, and strong tooth enamel. Almond butter also contains a good amount of healthy dietary fiber, which promotes regular digestion. By eating almond butter instead of almonds, you can still take advantage of their nutritional benefits without the risk of cracking teeth! When you’re shopping for almond butter, buy a jar that is minimally processed and contains the most amount of fiber.

Who says that parents have to be the ones solely responsible for packing lunches? Have the kids join in and help get their lunches prepared. Take a little extra time to explain why you’re packing specific foods in their lunch. It’s helpful for them to know that there are benefits to these healthy foods!


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