3 Ways to convince your child to get braces

Posted on August 12, 2021 | Orthodontics

3 Ways to convince your child to get braces

Braces are becoming so common, and not just for preteens and teens, but also for adults. Many kids look forward to getting braces, but some children are reluctant or anxious about the idea of braces. Trying to convince your kiddo to get the braces that they need can be a challenge. Your child may be nervous that having a mouth full of metal will result in other kids calling them the age old nickname, “metal mouth”. The reality of it is that orthodontics are so common, that almost all kids have had friends with braces.

The good news…

First of all, orthodontists no longer use big metal bands and large wires. Instead, orthodontists use thinner pieces of wire and smaller brackets. With these changes, the overall size of braces has decreased, and braces appear much more discreet than they used to.

Break it down…

Second, if your kiddo is apprehensive because he or she is worried about how the braces will look, we suggest having a sit-down conversation with your child. Helping your kiddo understand braces and how orthodontics can improve the look and function of their teeth can help get your child on the same page. Going into specific detail to explain why your child needs braces is important, too. Oftentimes, showing your child before and after pictures of kids who have had braces can be helpful as well!

Leave it to the orthodontic team!

Third, set up a routine dental exam for your kiddo, and let the dentist/orthodontist do the explaining. We can explain to him or her why braces are needed, how long they may need them, and how they will help solve the existing dental issues. Tell your child it’s ok to ask questions! It our job to help your child feel comfortable and prepared for orthodontic treatment.


We often see that once a child hears from a specialist, like us, about the benefits of braces, he or she may be more committed to follow through with recommended orthodontic treatment. This may go without saying, but we’ll say it just in case: do not try to force your child into getting braces. If your kiddo isn’t convinced after his or her appointment, we suggest having some conversations with other kids in the same age range who have braces. Of course, kids are often very honest, but it might help normalize the situation when your kid realizes just how many other people have braces.

Even celebs get braces

Bonus! If you need one last talking point to discuss with your child, here you go! Sometimes it’s a good reminder that even the most famous people in the world needed and had braces. Show your kiddo some of these before and after transformations:

Emma Watson

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