The Tradition of the Tooth Fairy

Posted on July 16, 2023 | Hot Topics

The Tradition of the Tooth Fairy

Did you know that every culture has their own tradition for disposing of children’s teeth? In America we know her as the Tooth Fairy, but she is only one of many. Some countries give their baby teeth to a “mouse” or a “rat” as a sacrifice in hopes that the child’s permanent adult teeth will grow as strong as a rodent’s teeth. European folklore and Disney films have aided in the creation of the gift-bearing tooth fairy we know today; who is actually a fairly  recent American tradition. 

So why do we practice placing teeth under the pillow? It is believed that this tradition of placing teeth under the pillow comes from a European custom of burying baby teeth in the ground when they fall out to help ensure that the adult tooth grows in where the baby tooth was lost. 

You may have found yourself here trying to help with ideas on how to make this tradition special to your family. Here are a few ideas on how you can make this a unique experience for your kids!

  1. You can have the Tooth Fairy leave behind a special note or certificate for your child to document the special occasion.
  2. Have some fun sprinkling glitter around your child’s room as proof that the Tooth Fairy visited. 
  3. Purchase or make a special Tooth Fairy pillow that your child can use on the nights that they are expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy.
  4. Maybe you’re worried that the Tooth Fairy will be discovered when retrieving the tooth from under your child’s pillow; consider using a specially decorated jar placed next to their bed instead of under their pillow.

It can be a very exciting and special time for both a child and their parents when they lose their baby teeth. Make lasting memories by incorporating your own fun traditions! Creating and adding special touches to the experience will help alleviate anxiety or fear your child might experience over losing their teeth. 

We would love to hear your Tooth Fairy traditions next time you’re in our office! If you’d like to set up your child’s next appointment, call us at (734) 971-3368.

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