There’s more going on below the surface…of your child’s mouth

Posted on June 8, 2021 | First Time

There’s more going on below the surface…of your child’s mouth

You know that saying about the “tip of the iceberg?” Our mouths are sort of like that. Without a deeper look into what’s happening, we really can’t tell what’s brewing below the surface. In fact, two thirds of what happens in our mouth, happens below the surface.

Taking an x-ray of a mouth can tell us more than you might think. For example, if your child has impacted, missing, or extra teeth! This could cause issues with their adult teeth erupting or developing normally. These dental anomalies may even cause damage to neighboring teeth, which is why it is so important for us to know what may be lurking below the gums. 

Early intervention

A dentist will surely be able to spot issues on the dental x-rays. Your child’s dentist might even suggest that you schedule an appointment with an orthodontist as early as 7 or 8. This can come as a surprise to parents, but early intervention is often important to treat developing problems.

Your child’s orthodontist will make sure his or her oral health is in check. Even if your general dentist hasn’t referred you to an orthodontist yet, this does not mean you cannot or should not set up a visit if you have questions or concerns.

As with most things in life, like laundry, dishes, or even homework – orthodontic health can be more manageable if you’re proactive. Getting ahead of the issue may actually help you avoid more costly and invasive treatments down the road. For this reason, it’s very common for kids around the age of seven to have their first check up with the orthodontist.

What can an orthodontist do?

Palate Expanders – Beyond a mouth full of braces, what else can an orthodontist do? Your kiddo might be a good candidate for a palatal expander. This widens the upper jaw (maxilla)  and it can reduce crowding narrow arches. The ideal time to have one placed is while the patient is still young and growing. 

Not to get too graphic, but what happens during the expansion process is the growth plate or suture in the middle of the upper palate is stretched. The two halves are pushed apart, and as they spread, new bone is added.

When there isn’t early intervention, it may mean that surgery is needed to fix the issue in adulthood.

Early interceptive treatment – Some kids benefit from having braces for a short time. It can help correct issues at a young age, so as they grow, the issues have been resolved and more invasive intervention is not needed.

Tooth removal – Sometimes the orthodontist may recommend removing baby or impacted teeth. This can help permanent teeth emerge better and encourage them to come in closer to their ideal position, even without an orthodontic appliance. Your orthodontist will suggest the best time for extractions to take advantage of your kiddo’s growth and development.

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