When Should a Child Get Braces?

Posted on April 16, 2023 | Hot Topics | Orthodontics

When Should a Child Get Braces?

When it comes to a child’s oral health, we want to give them the best chance at enjoying a comfortable, functional, and healthy smile. This may mean that braces will eventually become necessary to help them grow and develop properly. People may think that braces are just about achieving an ideal aesthetic appearance, but braces also help address oral concerns such as an overcrowded mouth, crooked teeth, bite problems, and more. If these go unaddressed, many of these can cause a child discomfort, pain, problems with the gum tissue, and even speech issues as they continue to grow and develop. 

“When should my child get braces” is a very common question.  Every child is different and grows at a different pace. This makes it hard to give a hard answer to this question as it really depends on each individual child. Some children will benefit from early intervention while others will benefit from later orthodontic treatment. 

It is recommended that a child have an orthodontic consultation around age 7 according to the American Association of Orthodontists. During the exam, the orthodontist will help evaluate your child’s oral development and discuss the need for current or future orthodontic interventions and create the appropriate plan of action for your child.

Most often, the ideal time for a child to have braces is during the tween years; between ages 10 and 12. The child is still growing at this time but old enough to responsibly care for their teeth and braces. However, some kids my needs early intervention, which often starts around age 8.

Signs Your Child Might Need Braces

We recommend scheduling an orthodontic consultation if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms in your child: 

  • Speech Problems
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Teeth clenching or grinding 
  • Misplaced, crowded, or blocked teeth
  • Malocclusion (upper and lower teeth do not meet normally) 
  • Popping or clicking in the jawbone
  • Shifting, protruding, or recessed jawbone
  • Frequent cheek biting 
  • Injuries to the roof of the mouth
  • Breathing through the mouth


During the child’s consultation and at every regular dental checkup with Blossom Pediatric Dentistry, our doctors will evaluate your child’s oral growth and development. If orthodontic intervention is needed, we will provide that recommendation when it is the most appropriate time for your child. 

If you suspect that your child may need braces, call our office to schedule an appointment today. 


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